Minimum Software Required

  • Is part of your screen missing or distorted?
  • Is the program not functioning as you expect?

If you have an older version of your browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari), or if JavaScript is not enabled, some program features may not function properly. For example, a portion of your screen may be missing or incomplete. This is resolved by downloading a more recent browser version or enabling JavaScript. Free downloads are available using the links below. If you are on a network (e.g., school or community agency) it is suggested that you seek help from your IT specialist.

Browser Minimum Requirements:

Other Requirements

If you have any questions please call (Toll-free) 1(800)965-8541 ext. 118

Register and Activate your Account

  1. Go to (bookmark or save favourites).
  2. Click on Register/Activate Account (bottom of Login box).
  3. Under License Information choose either:
    • The Real Game 2.1 (for grades 7 to 9)
    • The Be Real Game 2.0 (for grades 10 to 16+)
  4. When you have selected the appropriate program, choose:
    • Free 14-day Trial License
  5. Complete the Registration page, then click on Register. A new page will open that your account has been created. You will receive an email confirmation within 2 business days from when your account has been activated. Please wait for your email confirmation!


  • Record your User Name and Password.
  • You can reset your Password by going to My Account and clicking on Edit.